Gratangen Geology Services

Data Management Services


Well-developed routines on collection, registration and storage of data gives you control of the project. Enabling the development of potential earlier and resulting in a better product when looking for investors or buyers.

Well-managed data will always add value to a project. Knowing what you have and where it is sounds simple but it is often forgotten in the day to day work. Even small losses of information can lead to long term costs and delays or even loss of the project.

We specialize in:

  • Develop and implement exploration and data management procedures.
  • Review and improve existing procedures.
  • Document management and control solutions.

Historical Exploration Data


Digitisation and validation of historical data:

There can be valuable information in historical records of previous exploration, the sooner this data is digitized and added to the models used the better, but often this work is postponed due to lack of resources. We have both the language and technical skills to digitize this data.

Historical data collection:

Locating the data in the archives is time consuming, but archivists might not be able to identify all relevant data to your project, we go to the archives and go through the records to identify as much relevant information as possible.

Exploration Services

  • Access to a network of service providers and suppliers.
  • Geologist services for mineral exploration


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